Thursday, September 6, 2012

APPENDIX II - The Foundation Stone Meditation

                               Soul of man!
                               You live in the limbs
Which bear you through the world of space
Into the spirit-ocean-being.
Practice spirit-remembering
In soul deep
Where in the hand
Of world-creator-being
Your own I
In God’s I 
Is begotten;
And you will truly live
In human-cosmic-being.

For the Spirit of the Father on High
Reigns in the deep of the world fathering being:
Ye Spirits of Strength!
(Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones)
Let from on high sound forth,
What in the deep resounds;
Out of the Godhead mankind is born.
(Ex Deo nascimur)
That is heard by the spirits in East, West, North, South:
May human beings hear it.
 Soul of Man!
You live in the heart-lung-beat,
Which guides you through the rhythms of time
Into your soul feeling essence.
Practice Spirit-contemplation
In soul balance
Where the surging
Your own I
With the Cosmic I;
And you will truly feel
In human-soul-activity.
For the will of Christ prevails in the round
Ye Spirits of Light
(Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusia)
Let from the East be fired up
What through the West is formed,
In Christ life becomes death.*
(In Christo morimur.)
That is heard by the spirits in East, West, North, South:
May human beings hear it.

Soul of Man!
You live in the reposing head,
Which from eternal grounds
Releases cosmic thoughts to you:
Practice spirit-beholding
In quietude of thought,
Where the eternal aims divine
Upon your own I
For free willing;
And you will truly think,
In human-spirit-grounds.
For cosmic thoughts of the spirit prevail
In cosmic being beseeching light;
Ye Spirits of Soul
(Archai, Archangeloi, Angeloi)
Let from the deep be prayed for
What on High is heard;
In the cosmic thoughts of spirit the soul awakens
(Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus),
That is heard by the spirits in East, West, North, South:
May human beings hear it.

At the turning-point of time
Cosmic-spirit-light entered
Into the earthly being-stream;
Night darkness
Had held its sway;
Clear daylight
Shone forth in human souls;
That warms
The poor shepherds’ hearts;
That enlightens
The wise kings’ heads.
Divine light,
Our hearts,
Our heads;
That good may become
What from our heart
We want to found,
And from our head
To lead purposefully.

* Most translations read here: “In Christ death becomes life”. Thanks to a suggestion by Nelson Willby, I have come around to the view that the opposite is right in the sense of the Latin “In Christo morimur”; we die in Christ, setting the stage for the resurrection in the Holy Spirit.

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